The NEW Marketing Blueprint

How to make your customers really want to buy from you – over and over again!

Our on-line marketing courses help you grow your business by attracting and keeping more customers. Simple as that.

Marketing might seem mysterious or trivial to some, but it embraces the start of the buyer’s journey that ends up with a sale and a customer. If you don’t pay attention to marketing your products or services, you will find it difficult or impossible to make a sale without a lot of hard selling. Get the marketing right, and customers will come to you. Doesn’t that sound a lot easier?

Our on-line marketing course is ideal for

  • Start-ups with a great idea or product but don’t have a marketing team to find new customers
  • Small business where the marketing and selling is done by the owners or managers
  • Established business that are over-reliant on existing customers, and need to find new customers or markets
  • Executives who are setting up new offices, moving into new markets or launching new products and don’t have a dedicated marketing team to support them
  • Sales executives who want to beat the competition by “selling to the 90% who are not buying”
  • People who are new to marketing
  • People who want to move into a marketing role

Our course takes you through the customer journey and shows what you can easily do to engage at an early stage. Building the relationship early means you will influence them to buy from you when they are ready to buy. Doesn’t that sound easier than the hard sell? Better still, we actually help you to apply what you have learned through our virtual coaching package which is supplied with the course.

We will be launching our sales course in 2018, and we are making a special offer of a 50% discount (yes, half price!) to the first 100 people who register their interest in the course. There is no commitment to take the course – simply sign up and claim the discount. If you want to take the course we will send you an offer code. If not – then maybe another time! Click below to leave your details and register for the offer.



Andy Wright, Operations Manager, Cara Telemarketing

“Having recently been tasked with increasing our ‘Digital Brand’, I looked to Neville for assistance. What I got in return was a content rich, easy to understand introduction to a world that I feel much more comfortable with now than I did a week ago. Thank you Neville, I’ll certainly be on one of your courses again!”