Business Simulation Game

Educate and motivate with our one-day business simulation workshop

“Intense but really enjoyable.”

“I never realised managing a business could be so much fun.”


This one-day workshop is a great way of providing a business overview in an interactive way. It introduces people to the challenges of running a business, commercial awareness, the inter-dependence of all the business functions, key financial aspects of a business and the benefits of working together as a team. It involves the group dividing into teams of three to six people per team, and each running a small business in competition. There is also a virtual team in the computer to add an extra dimension!

Most importantly, this is a fun, highly engaging and competitive game making it an ideal one-day activity as part of an on-boarding programme for a new intake of staff, for young high-potential groups and team away-days.

The workshop is run by a highly experienced business professional who will explain the relevance of all aspects of the business game to their real jobs in the context of their own companies objectives. See below for details of the agenda, benefits and comments from previous participants.

Workshop Objectives

We have run this workshop many times and we receive great feedback from participants and managers. There are many beneficial outcomes from the activity and we expect everyone experiencing the Business Simulation workshop to learn the following:

  • The main functions of a business and how they are highly inter-dependent
  • Commercial awareness, and the importance of managing revenue, costs and profit
  • The importance of customer acquisition, customer satisfaction and retention
  • Key business financial terms, the flow of money and performance indicators
  • How working  more effectively as a team improves results
  • Making decisions under pressure, without all the facts
  • The impact of decisions made in one business function, on other areas
  • How business theory translates into practical reality
  • Business is not just a numbers game, you need creativity and imagination

Suitable for:

This business simulation is ideally suited to people with limited previous business experience, or have been limited to one business function.

It is perfect for on-boarding programmes such as a graduate intake, an internal high-potentials programme for millennials or team away-days where an introduction to other business functions and commercial awareness is required.

Workshop group sizes range from a minimum of 9 to a maximum of 24.

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Typical Agenda

The scope of the introduction sessions for the day can vary to fit in with the overall programme.

Typical timing 9.30am to 5.15pm.

  1. Personal introductions exercise and ice-breaker
  2. What makes a business successful?
  3. Who does what in a business?
  4. Business terminology
  5. Business Game Briefing
  6. Team allocation
  7. The Business Game – six 40-minute sessions
  8. Results and awards
  9. De-brief – lessons learned
  10. Take-ways

Why Run a Business Simulation Workshop?

Learning is most effective when you hear or read about a topic, discuss it with colleagues then try it out. In the work environment, this can take months and it is rare that anyone has first-hand experience of all business activities. A business simulation exercise covers the important aspects of business activity, decision-making and results in a single day and is a highly effective way of learning.

This approach to learning is particularly relevant for millennials, who are typically very collaborative, interactive and want to see results quickly. The competitive aspect of this simulation also strongly appeals to this generation.

When this workshop is run as part of an on-boarding programme, it is encourages team work and provides an opportunity to observe team dynamics, which will be very important in the workplace.

An ideal time to run this workshop is in the first week of an on-boarding or induction programme, when recruits are getting to know each other and settling into the work environment. It helps them understand the commercial environment of their employment and that of their customers, it helps break down the functional silos that often exist between departments and encourages collaboration. Team relationships formed during on-boarding exercises can significantly improve cross-functional teamwork at a later date.

This workshop is both serious and fun, injecting variety and interaction into on-boarding programmes which can otherwise be heavy on one-way communication and PowerPoint. It can also be a low-cost way of energising and educating an established young team for an away-day.

We would be happy to discuss the suitability of this workshop for your teams and programmes. We have a 100% success rate because we only run this workshop where having discussed the requirements and objectives with our clients, we jointly agree that it will be appropriate for the participants. The workshop package includes a scoping and planning call prior to the activity to co-design content where possible to align with your business activity. We also provide feedback on observations of participants after the workshop.

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Comments from previous workshops

From participants:

“Intense but really enjoyable.”

“I liked working together as a team, we did much better when we organised ourselves.”

“I never realised managing a business could be so much fun.”

“I understand how the different parts of a business work together now.”

“I don’t like making decisions without all the facts, but this game showed me that in business, sometimes you have to.”

From a trainer:

“This business scenario gave them a good overview of business activities, which they had not been familiar with previously. This enabled us to refer back to the business game examples in later training sessions in business finance and sales, which helped them understand better.”

From a sponsor:

“This was time well spent. They came in to the business with only a theoretical understanding of what we do. After only a day, they have been exposed to a good representation of a business cycle six times over. The winning team were buzzing, you would have thought it was real money they had made.”

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