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No lies

Never tell porkies

Never, ever, ever tell a lie (pork pie, porkies) in selling or marketing. “I never, ever, would” you might say. When does a cool creative idea stray into the territory of half-truths and untruths though? Quite often. The danger of this is in the execution. If you get found out, your whole credibility is blown. You have probably lost a valuable sale because of an idea that seemed good at

use of images in marketing content

“Can I use a movie clip in my video?”

Someone recently questioned whether I had permission to use a 10-second clip from the movie “Dunkirk” in my video “ Why words are not enough ”. The answer is No, and here’s why. I am relying on the interpretation of Fair Dealing (the equivalent is Fair Use in the USA) which provides exceptions to copyright law to allow for free speech. Fair Dealing doesn’t tell you what you can or can’t do, it just provides

Budget studio lighting

Lighting your video on a budget

If you are making marketing videos indoors with a smartphone, webcam or camera, you will need some form of lighting to enhance your subject. If you can get away with using available natural or artificial light, that is ideal (as described in our course on making videos with your smartphone ). In many cases however, that isn’t possible particularly if you have to use a home studio – a grand title for a spare bedroom

How to avoid caption bloopers!

Many people watch video content on their tablets and smartphones in public places or at work where they don’t want to disturb others with sound. The closed captioning (cc) or subtitles feature in many video players means they can read text instead of listening. To add subtitles on  video platforms such as Vimeo you have to upload a file often called a .srt or .vtt file containing the transcript and