“The Little Book of Closing”

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Little Book of Closing No CaptionEveryone needs customers! But asking for the order can be a challenge. So why is that? Usually, we find that it isn’t the actual selling that people are uncomfortable with, it’s the moment when they have to ask for the order.

Because they worry about it, it becomes a big deal and they shy away from it, hoping the customer will help them out by asking to buy. In professional sales circles we call this Closing the Order. It doesn’t need to be scary at all. There are many different tactics for defusing any tension and making this a painless, natural sequence of the buyer-seller partnership.

I published 10 of my favourite closes on LinkedIn and I have put them all together (plus a bonus one) in this mini ebook explaining how they work and when to use them. Only the last one, the Direct Close, is that scary “asking for the order” close and even that can be made much easier with a simple choice of words.

16 pages, 10 minute read. I hope you find these useful!

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Zak Kempson, director, Sigodu

I have been making great progress and finding the ideas and frameworks immediately useful to me personally and my business.  Neville’s experience is vast and from a relevant area for me, so it’s been much more useful than I had expected when I signed up!