Business Coaching

We provide focused, practical business coaching to help you achieve the growth and change you require with your organisation. Business Coaching is provided for eligible companies through the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub (LEP), or directly through Pure Potential.

We work with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) to deliver business coaching to eligible high growth small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in the M3 corridor. Business coaching is available to cover sales, marketing, talent acquisition, managing growth, business finance, business strategy and business operations.

Specialist sectors for growth support include businesses engaged in or closely related to

  • Aerospace & Defence
  • ICT & Digital Media
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Professional Services

These are all sectors with which our directors have first-hand experience. To find out more about funding and business growth support packages please refer to the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub

What our customers say…

Andy Ashcroft, founder and managing director of Koolskools, a Fairtrade education and corporate clothing company received business support consultancy through the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub. This support was provided by Neville Merritt as their Growth Chamption. This proved highly successful, helping increase revenue and reduce cost of sales as Andy Ashcroft explains in this video.



Matt Wailes and Adam Barton, directors of Educational Play Environments first contacted Enterprise M3 Growth Hub in 2017. After working with Neville Merritt as their Growth Champion and business mentor, they went on to have two successive record years, now almost doubling their annual turnover of 2017. Watch this short video to hear what they have to say.


Sue Skeats, Managing Partner, The View PR

“Neville has mentored us as part of the EnterpriseM3 Growth Hub project over the last few months.  Having run PR and marketing consultancy The View for 10 years I was keen to look at fresh perspectives and ideas.  Together we’ve explored so many different aspects of running the business and feel stronger and fitter because of it.  Neville’s blend of marketing, Learning & Development and good old sales advice is unique – and his wisdom and wit has been invaluable.”

Nicola Forster, Director, Curious Lighthouse

“When I first approached Enterprise M3 I wasn’t sure what to expect.  After meeting Jeannie (Growth Hub Growth Champion), I felt confident that she had understood my business and my areas for development.  She put me in contact with Neville Merritt, and what a good match that has been.

Neville’s blend of skills in sales and marketing, plus learning and development have been a valuable combination for our discussions.  My primary gap in knowledge was marketing, and Neville’s vast experience and ability to listen and ask poignant questions has allowed me not only to understand the marketing process, but implement it into my on-line business as well as my face to face provision.

I have also found that my business coaching sessions with Neville have made me accountable for my actions, which for someone like me who craves variety, has really enabled me to follow through on key tasks pushing my business forward. I’d like to thank Enterprise M3 for this great opportunity and would fully recommend it to everyone who is eligible to use this service.”

Sophie Walters and Jane Young, Directors, La Bella Donna

“We are extremely grateful for all the help you have given us. As you know, when we first met you we were thinking that our company didn’t have much of a future, that although we felt that a lot of what we were doing was right it just wasn’t coming together. We had lost our enthusiasm and direction and were frustrated with the situation. Here we are now, 5 months on in our new premises, with much more active Twitter and Facebook, a new Instagram account, a growing mailing list and lots of ideas for the future.

You have been great at facilitating ideas – giving us confidence in ourselves and it has been fantastic for us to have some goals set by you that we need to achieve before the next meeting. We would thoroughly recommend any other small business struggling with any aspect of their business to contact The Growth Hub – and if it’s marketing that’s an issue, Neville’ s your man!!”

Andy Ashcroft, founder and director, Koolskools

“Neville Merritt is quite simply the best business coach we have ever worked with, and we would thoroughly recommend him to any business seeking rapid growth. What sets Neville and Ascent Learning apart from the crowd constitutes a long list, but here are some of the key advantages of working with Neville that will give you and your business an edge over your competitors:
– no business coach has ever penetrated the soul of our business like Neville has. This gives you not only a massively reassuring feeling that his advice is tailor-made to help you grow, but that he is 100% on your side as you do so. If you want the very best sales and marketing advice look no further than Neville. He has “been there, done that”, which is why he was able to identify a weakness in our sales outreach and work with us on “Fairtrade Offset”. A conservative estimate suggests that Fairtrade Offset may add at least 30% to next year’s turnover;
– when Neville chooses to work with you, you feel that he has chosen to become your business’s friend for life. His grasp of your business’s strengths and weakness from the first meeting lends a real boost to your strategic thinking, something we all perhaps do too little of.”