Virtual Coaching

You can take a course or read a textbook, but the real progress comes when you do it. Our on-line courses include virtual coaching to help you achieve results from what you have learned.

Our on-line courses include post-course support in the form of virtual coaching and access to discussion forums. This is a huge advantage over stand-alone on-line courses which provide no opportunity for questions, clarification and review.

Developing and improving skills and behaviours is a different experience for everybody. Some prefer to research independently, some prefer to collaborate with others and most benefit from a combination of individual learning and support from a tutor or coach. In face-to-face workshop-based learning, the facilitator and group can work together as a combination of learning and discussion. The better workshops will include post-course follow-up to support students as they apply their new knowledge.

Neville Merritt virtual business coaching

At Ascent Learning, we have used our extensive experience of delivering face-to-face learning interventions to provide valuable post-course coaching and support with our on-line courses too. This will enable you to get the most benefit from your investment in learning. Depending on the course package, you will have access to the course tutor after you have competed the course to ask questions and review how you have applied your learning. This helps consolidate the learning and provides further advice and guidance when you need it most.

Our Virtual Coaching packages typically include:

  • Access to the course coach by email
  • Regular webinars to address common questions
  • Membership of on-line community forums to discuss shared issues


What our customers say…

Sonia Hutton-Taylor, Director, Medical Forum

“The great thing about any coaching is that it gives an opportunity to sound out a neutral observer, and accountability to have at least looked into if not implemented some of the items discussed before future meetings. Neville has provided this and far more. Neville is a particularly good match for my company because he currently operates a learning / web company and has personal and consulting experience in several industries – thus has a wide and liberal perspective on how different business styles can operate. He is patient and encouraging and has raised or elaborated on some issues that I might have struggled with or was struggling with and needed clear starting points. Although I have been in business for 27 years I have little experience in growing a business. I have some very clear branding ideas for my new business but it has been useful to be challenged on some of these. Because he comes from a bigger company background to mine (latter being small consultancy) he has been invaluable helping with the need to think bigger and more structured than a micro-business generally is and given my ambitions for “Burnout Doctor” this has been very valuable.”