Worry-free GDPR: Course and templates

Avoid the worry of GDPR with our
dowloadable templates and explainer videos for only £49

Stay legal and build trust with your customers!


Are you legal with data protection laws?

What would you do if you were asked…

  • where you store personal information – if it’s in Cloud apps, would you know which country?
  • what level of security was being applied to personal information in your files?
  • for a Data Subject Access Request by a past customer?


  • You wanted to send a marketing list to an agency to run an email campaign for you?
  • You left your laptop on the train?
  • You need to clear out some old customer files?

In May 2018, a new law was introduced across the EU: The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

At the time, there was a lot of publicity about the introduction. Every organisation, including ours, had to review the way it managed Personal Information to ensure it complied with the new GDPR. Now GDPR is part of normal business practice, and every organisation from small to large will be affected in some way.


Many organisations didn’t adapt their businesses to GDPR in 2018. Are you one of those?

Businesses starting up after 2018 may not be fully aware of GDPR requirements. Are you one of those?

Some business made a token change like adding a Privacy Policy but did little else. Are you one of those?

If you have any doubts about GDPR, then you probably need this GDPR Freedom pack. It contains:

  • an easy to follow explanation of the essential GDPR rules, and
  • downloadable templates so you can set up the essential forms and other documents
  • there is even a checklist to walk you through, step by step!


Why you need this pack


Watch this short introduction (1:25) to learn why your GDPR pack will help you keep customers
(and stay legal)

Who is this course package for?

Anyone who runs a business. This course is suitable for:

  • Business Owners
  • Sole Traders
  • Directors of Limited Companies
  • Partnerships
  • Consultants and other professionals
  • Anyone who has Personal Information in computer or paper files in their business

(Personal Information = information which can identify a living person, e.g. names, addresses, emails, telephone numbers – even CCTV images and dashcams!)


What’s in the box

This pack includes:

  • An easy-to-follow video explanation of the essential GDPR rules, and transcript
  • A training course you can use for your own staff and contractors
  • A checklist to walk you through setting up your Data Protection procedures, step by step
  • Downloadable templates so you can set up the essential forms and other documents including Data Register; Website Privacy Notice; Full Privacy Policy; Data Retention Policy; Data Breach Policy and Form; Data Subject Access Request Policy and Form; Information Security Policy; Sales Agreement Addendum, Purchase Order Addendum and Consent Record Management.

With this pack you will quickly learn the essentials of Data Protection law and be able to set up your own Data Protection procedures with our templates. You won’t need to worry any more about data requests, customer audits or the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)!

Course and Template Package Price

Course price  £49 including VAT



1.      I’m only a Sole Trader, not a Limited Company. Does GDPR still apply to me?

  •  Yes it does. It applies to any commercial business with very few exceptions.

2.      I don’t do any marketing, I only keep customer contact details. Does GDPR apply?

  • Yes, if those customer details include data that can identify an individual such as name or email address in your email system.

3.      I only keep personal information in notebooks and paper files. Does GDPR apply?

  • Yes, GDPR applies to any records, paper or electronic. However, if you don’t use computer records at all, you don’t need to register with the ICO.

4.      Does GDPR cover the use of cookies on websites?

  • GDPR operates alongside the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) which covers cookies and electronic marketing. GDPR covers Consent which can relate to cookies as well as other data, but GDPR does not include regulations on the use of cookies. This are covered by PECR.

5.      How do I find out if I should be registered with the ICO?

6.      My business is too small to be relevant to the ICO. Why should I bother with GDPR?

  • You are more likely to be questioned by your customers than the ICO. However, the ICO have run campaigns targeting business sectors that showed a discrepancy between the number of businesses in the UK and the number registered with the ICO, for example Care Homes. At any time an individual could make a Data Subject Access Request of you, or a business customer could audit or send a questionnaire on your GDPR procedures. If you cannot quickly reply they could lose confidence in your ability to supply them with your services – or worst case, they could complain about you to the ICO.

7.      I’m OK, I have a Privacy Notice on my website.

  • A Privacy Notice is only part of the requirement for Transparency under GDPR, and doesn’t cover other requirements including Data Retention, Data Security and Data Subject Access. You may be able to comply but you also need to prove you can comply in case you are audited by a customer – or even to simply answer a question on these subjects.  This pack explains all six principles of GDPR and provides all the essential document templates you need.

8.      I’ve heard that the dashcam in my car falls within GDPR. Can this be true?

  • If you use your car for business purposes or is a business vehicle and had a dashcam fitted, then the dashcam falls within the definition of CCTV. It will have to comply with GDPR if the video footage can identify an individual.

9.      I don’t keep customer records after I have delivered services. Does GDPR apply?

  • Yes GDPR applies if you are keeping a record that could identify a living individual whatever the timescale. If you are deleting personal information as soon as it is no longer needed, you are already complying with Data Retention – one of the six key principles of GDPR!

About your course leader

Neville Merritt, director of Pure Potential Development Ltd. heads up Ascent Learning, the on-line learning brand where he helps growth companies develop successful marketing and sales strategies in a wide range of market sectors. He is also a specialist consultant for the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub, a Local Enterprise Partnership.

Neville has over 35 years’ experience to Board level. He has an unusual combination of experience and knowledge that makes him probably unique in this field – he has been responsible for marketing, selling, delivering and  customer services (plus developing entire businesses) so he knows more about marketing than most sales people, and more about selling than most marketing people. When you want to grow your business, you will need both!   Ever practical, Neville likes to focus on modern solutions rather than outdated thinking to increase sales and profit for you, today.

 As chairman of techUK Marketing and Sales Group, Neville promotes the introduction of new and improved sales and marketing technologies, methods and practices.




Comments from our course students

“This is just the sort of course I like – packed in and practical. We are very conscious we need to keep pace with multimedia use and marketing and this was just the job to provide the basics, plus some more advanced tips and the steps needed to develop our own strategy – thank you both.” – Nick Moon, MD Applied Resilience

“We got a lot out of the day and are looking forward to putting everything we’ve learnt into practice. The ground work you covered in the course is also important. Making sure the story is pitched for people at the various parts of their potential buying journey is critical. We are more than happy to recommend the course.” – Clare Blatchford-Hanna, MD Anode Outlet

“Neville’s marketing knowledge and experience  was incredibly useful and was an essential part of the day.” – Neil Tarbet, Director AMAC Mortgages

“As ever it was great to do another stimulating session with you this morning. Ania and I always enjoy them and feel we have come away, once again, with lots of good stuff to work on. Time really flies by, the best testimony to an enjoyable and productive session.” Andy Ashcroft, Director, Koolskools

 “I had so much fun making this video, and before you ask, I thought I had no creative bone in my body. Now I might start looking at a career change with the quality of the video I have made!”  (Video Course) – Robin Sheppard, Portsmouth Technopole/Oxford Innovation Center Manager