Happy GDPR Christmas Nonsense

I am sure you have come across some daft ways of making life difficult, attributed to GDPR. Here are a collection of some bonkers Christmas-related GDPR challenges and the facts behind them.

  • You can’t contact parents to tell them what stall they will be running at the school Xmas Fayre because you don’t have their express consent 
  • Churches cannot ask for Christmas prayers for named parishioners who are ill or sick, because their health data is protected 
  • Children can’t write public letters to Santa as their parents’ permission will be needed  
  • You can’t give a delivery driver directions to someone else’s home 
  • Politicians and schools who run Christmas card design contests for children now face excessive regulation 
  • Parents can’t film or take pictures of their child’s Nativity play (again)

The Information Commissioner’s Office (IOC) might have a stuffy title but they do talk sense in a helpful way.

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