How to read your customer’s mind

A practical on-line mini-course with videos and downloads

“What you showed us is  really useful. What a difference it made to our sales tactics, marketing approach and above all, confidence!”
– Matt Wailes, Director, Educational Play

Would you like to know what your customers are thinking?

Of course! We all would.

Do you wonder…

  • How to promote a product or service so that everyone wants it?
  • Why some people prefer one thing and others, something else?
  • Why people don’t read emails or website pages properly?
  • Why people aren’t logical about what they want?
  • How to be more persuasive without being pushy?

I spent years marketing and selling. I had to find out what worked and didn’t work the hard way. Then I learned more about psychology and neuroscience. What a revelation! If only I had known this before…Now I am sharing the essential parts of that learning to help you grow your business.

This mini-course will show you how people’s minds work. With that information and the tips we include, you can market and sell more successfully.

What’s in the course


Who is this course for?

Anyone who needs to promote or sell products and services. This course is suitable for:

  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • People who deliver services
  • Customer Service Professionals
  • Anyone who wants to understand more about how our minds work.

Learn why people think the way they do

This course uses simple concepts from psychology and neuroscience to show how parts of the brain influence what we like or dislike, and how we respond to what we see, hear or experience. We show different personality types and how they respond differently to our communications. We also look at influence and persuasion using principles established by one of the most widely respected experts on this subject. These are the key lessons:

  1. How to know what people want
  2. How to communicate with humans
  3. How to influence and persuade
  4. How to tap into primitive instincts

You will notice that a lot of this is interconnected, so having understood these principles you will be able to apply them to your own marketing and selling activities to attract more customers and grow your business.

Each lesson includes a video explanation, tips to practice, a downloadable summary sheet and a quiz.

Course Price

Course price  £49 including VAT

Comments from our course students

 “I had so much fun making this video, and before you ask, I thought I had no creative bone in my body. Now I might start looking at a career change with the quality of the video I have made!”  – Robin Sheppard, Portsmouth Technopole/Oxford Innovation Center Manager  (This is what she made on the day – see below. Yes, that’s me being “interviewed”!)

“This is just the sort of course I like – packed in and practical. We are very conscious we need to keep pace with multimedia use and marketing and this was just the job to provide the basics, plus some more advanced tips and the steps needed to develop our own strategy – thank you both.” – Nick Moon, MD Applied Resilience

“We got a lot out of the day and are looking forward to putting everything we’ve learnt into practice. The ground work you covered in the course is also important. Making sure the story is pitched for people at the various parts of their potential buying journey is critical. We are more than happy to recommend the course.” – Clare Blatchford-Hanna, MD Anode Outlet

“Neville’s marketing knowledge and experience  was incredibly useful and was an essential part of the day.” – Neil Tarbet, Director AMAC Mortgages

“As ever it was great to do another stimulating session with you this morning. Ania and I always enjoy them and feel we have come away, once again, with lots of good stuff to work on. Time really flies by, the best testimony to an enjoyable and productive session.” Andy Ashcroft, Director, Koolskools

About your course leader

Neville Merritt, director of Pure Potential Development Ltd. heads up Ascent Learning, the on-line learning brand where he helps growth companies develop successful marketing and sales strategies in a wide range of market sectors. He is also a specialist consultant for the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub, a Local Enterprise Partnership.

Neville has over 35 years’ experience to Board level. He has an unusual combination of experience and knowledge that makes him probably unique in this field – he has been responsible for marketing, selling, delivering and  customer services (plus developing entire businesses) so he knows more about marketing than most sales people, and more about selling than most marketing people. When you want to grow your business, you will need both!   Ever practical, Neville likes to focus on modern solutions rather than outdated thinking to increase sales and profit for you, today.

 As chairman of techUK Marketing and Sales Group, Neville promotes the introduction of new and improved sales and marketing technologies, methods and practices.

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