The NEW Marketing Blueprint

Good marketing brings customers to you, and makes people want to buy from you. After this course, you will be able to use proven strategies to Find, Win and Grow new customer accounts without spending a fortune or having to learn complex technologies.

Here’s what the course is about…

The NEW Marketing Blueprint trailer from Neville Merritt on Vimeo.

This is for ALL business owners, entrepreneurs, directors, marketing and sales professionals.

Being in business is challenging. If you are thinking:

“I need more customers”

“I’m spending money on marketing but it isn’t working as well as I’d hoped”

“I can’t decide what marketing tactics to use – there are so many choices!”

“I’m worried about the competition – how can I stand out?”

Then this course, jam-packed with information, tips and templates is for you! We cut right through the hype and provide practical guidance to help you grow your business.

Good marketing brings customers to you, and makes people want to buy from you. After this course, you will be able to use proven strategies to Find, Win and Grow new customer accounts without spending a fortune or having to learn complex technologies.

Our on-line marketing course is ideal for

  • Start-ups with a great idea or product but don’t have a marketing team to find new customers
  • Small business where the marketing and selling is done by the owners or managers
  • Established business that are over-reliant on existing customers, and need to find new customers or markets
  • or anyone who wants to get more results from their marketing

Let me help you grow your business with the NEW Marketing Blueprint

This course will show you how to attract and engage with new customers so they will want to buy from you. But this is not just an on-line course, you get access to me too.

I’m Neville Merritt, and I am going to share marketing strategies I have applied successfully over more than 30 years’ in business. I’ll also share the tactics I have used, many of which you won’t find in marketing textbooks!

 This course includes eight stages, each with video, exercises, templates and downloads which you work through at your own pace.

Plus you get access to me for personal support to help you try out what you have learned with your own business. You will also be part of the Ascent Studio community where you can ask questions and share tips or experiences with others taking part in the programme.

This course will show you:

  • The only three reasons why people buy…anything
  • Why traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore (and what does work)
  • How to sell to someone who is not buying
  • The mistakes even experienced marketers make
  • How to start selling to people before you meet them
  • How to be different, even with competitors all around you
  • Why people will buy from YOU, and not someone else (if you do it right)
  • Why price is rarely the reason people don’t buy
  • How to create your own special brand
  • How to choose the marketing methods that work for you (and they may be free!)
  • How to avoid wasting money on marketing
  • Secrets that psychologists know that get your business noticed
  • How to appeal to all four customer personality types at once
  • A proven method for creating a marketing plan that brings results
  • How to get personal help for your own marketing

What is in this course

The NEW Marketing Blueprint will help you market your business to attract customers and increase revenue the easy way

The programme includes

  • 8 self-paced video modules
  • A toolkit of downloadable templates, summaries, guides, transcripts and slides
  • Personal support by email to help you apply what you have learned to your own business
  • Being part of a community of like-minded people to share questions, tips and experiences

See what is included in the “The NEW Marketing Blueprint” course:


The NEW Marketing Blueprint Course Introduction Video (2:12)

How to use the Ascent Learning course portal FREE PREVIEW

Watch a sample from Step 1 – the NEW way of marketing FREE PREVIEW

Step 1: The NEW way of marketing

Step 1 The new way of marketing video (15:24)

Checkpoint 1 Quiz

Download Step 1 summary notes and exercises

Marketing 1 Transcript

Marketing 1 Slides

Step 2: Know your customers

Step 2 Know your customers video (20:55)

Checkpoint 2 Quiz

Download Step 2 summary notes and exercises

Marketing 2 Transcript

Marketing 2 Slides

Step 3: What people want

Step 3 What people want (and how people buy) video (17:23)

Checkpoint 3 Quiz

Download Step 3 summary notes and exercises

Marketing 3 Transcript

Marketing 3 Slides

Step 4: Why people will buy from you

Step 4 Why people will buy from you video (16:11)

Checkpoint 4 Quiz

Download Step 4 summary notes and exercises

Marketing 4 Transcript

Marketing 4 Slides

Step 5: Tools of the trade

Step 5 Tools of the trade video (26:18)

Checkpoint 5 Quiz

Download Step 5 summary notes, tips sheets and checklists

Marketing 5 Transcript

Marketing 5 Slides

Step 6: How to create a marketing plan

Step 6 How to create a marketing plan video (19:26)

Checkpoint 6 Quiz

Download Step 6 summary notes, worksheet and templates

Marketing 6 Transcript

Marketing 6 Slides

Step 7: Tips for creating awesome content

Step 7 Tips for creating awesome content video (35:49)

Checkpoint 7 Quiz

Download Step 7 summary notes and templates

Marketing 7 Transcript

Marketing 7 Slides

Step 8: A helping hand

Step 8 A helping hand video (18:51)

Download Step 8 summary notes

Marketing 8 Transcript

Course Price

The full course with six months support is only £49 per month, payable in advance (£294) including VAT. No booking fees, no hidden charges.

(If you are a VAT registered business you can reclaim the VAT element so it will only cost £245)

Why this course?

Neville Merritt explains why this course is different and the impact it will have on any business.

“I have been marketing and selling for over 30 years, working in many industry sectors. During that time, buying patterns and technology have changed dramatically. But the core principles that help us create a marketing strategy haven’t changed at all.

Many experts will advise you to use social media, digital marketing, SEO and content marketing – these can all be good tactics in the right situation, but you have to use the right tool for the job. I have worked with my own marketing teams and more recently advising my consulting clients on marketing strategies and plans.

You need to have a top-down approach which results in joined-up marketing, where everything you do plays a part in attracting new customers. Without that, you just have random marketing activity.

This course is unusual because we start with that big picture, developing a real understanding of what we want to achieve and what our customers want. Then we choose our marketing activities make sure the outcome is happy customers and a growing business.

This approach works, and we have some great examples to prove it.”

Still not convinced? Why not try out the first part of the course FREE for 14 days – just register below (no credit card needed). You will also received a useful jargon-buster, a glossary of marketing terms which is yours to keep.

What our customers say…

Andy Wright, Operations Manager, Cara Telemarketing

“Having recently been tasked with increasing our ‘Digital Brand’, I looked to Neville for assistance. What I got in return was a content rich, easy to understand introduction to a world that I feel much more comfortable with now than I did a week ago. Thank you Neville, I’ll certainly be on one of your courses again!”


Do I need to know anything about marketing before taking this course?

No, not at all. This course is designed for people who are launching or running a business, and want to attract more customers. We use a common-sense approach to explain how to do that. If some marketing terminology slips in, we even provide a Glossary of Terms!

Is this course about digital marketing?

This course is about marketing your business. You need to have the foundations right before you build. Digital marketing is one of many marketing activities available to us. We will show you how to decide which is best, and if digital marketing is the right approach we introduce you to the tools available. We can advise specific tactics for your business through the support package that is included. This course is not intended to be a deep dive into digital marketing.

There is so much to do in marketing – I find it overwhelming. Will I need help?

This is a very common perception among business people. Yes, marketing can appear complex and full of mysterious words. The reality is that we have been “marketing” for hundreds, possibly thousands of years because much of it is common sense and part of the selling process anyway. We will show you step by step how to market your business, and you can decide whether you want to do it yourself or use expert help in specialist areas. However, you do need to “own” the overall strategy so even if you outsource marketing activities, you still need to know what needs to be done.

What makes this course different from other marketing courses?

I developed this course because I found that other marketing courses I attended did not provide the “Blueprint” that you could take away and start using to create a fully joined-up marketing strategy. This course does. Plus, this is not just an on-line course. You will have access to your course leader to ask questions for the duration of the support package. You can join the Ascent Studio to access more marketing resources and share experiences with other students. Finally, there are downloads of guides, tips and templates to help you implement what you have learned in your own business.

I have a web site and brochure. Why do I need to know about marketing?

If you are running a successful business without needing to invest in marketing, then you are fortunate! But if you are successful without marketing, think how much more successful you would be if your marketing activity was more purposeful. Traditional marketing simply attracts customers, who may not be ready to buy. This course shows how you can attract and keep customers, by aligning your marketing with the buyer’s requirements throughout the “Buyer’s Journey”.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

You have access to free content and samples to help you decide if this course is right for you. You also have help from your course leader and the Ascent Studio community too. Ultimately, it is down to you to use what you have learned in your own business so we can’t provide a guarantee for your work! However, we are confident that the course and personal support is great value for money so we don’t offer a guarantee or refund.

I love what I do but I don’t like getting involved in sales and marketing. How will this help?

If you love what you do, you will find marketing and selling your services and products so natural you might not even realise you are doing it. Some people think marketing and selling is sleazy or pushy, but we don’t want it to be like that. We make marketing fun, and an enjoyable part of what you do when you are running your own business.