Careers Lecture, Portsmouth University Business School

This week I was invited back to deliver my “How to chose the right job: an insider’s guide” for the fourth time to final year students at Portsmouth University Business School. Once again, the room was packed to capacity with some very attentive students, all very keen to get some tips on how to stand out from all the other graduates with degrees and land that dream job.

Part of the lecture was the same as in previous years: they always seem to enjoy the group exercise to “build” a business and learn the roles and job functions. This year I introduced something new, based on the experiences of our own two graduates – Josh and Aedy. We looked at personal strengths; matching personality preferences to job roles and business culture; how to make a C.V. more appealing to an employer and how to find the 70% of jobs that are not advertised.

The students were all highly engaged, and even formed an orderly queue afterwards to ask more questions! The part that makes this so worthwhile is when a student has a “light-bulb moment”, suddenly connecting her strengths and what she enjoys with the role she is training for – and this is what happened right in front of me. It really made my day (and I think she will be brilliant at CX!)

Neville Merritt, September 2019