“Transparency between Sales & Marketing” Event at techUK

sales alignment report

Those of us who have working in sales or marketing roles will know that there is often a disconnect between the two functions. Although they are both working towards a common goal – revenue – they often go about it differently and without sufficient coordination. In late 2019, Champion Communications supported by techUK and Pure Potential surveyed tech salespeople to understand first-hand if there was a disconect, the degree of disconnect and the opportunbity cost of that disconnect.

The results were not surprising – there is a disconnect of course, and the cost in terms of lost revenue opportunity is shocking. The results of the survey will be released in report form in late February 2020 followed by a webinar and round-table discussion. In addition, “not-just-CRM” provider Workbooks are examining this topic at their event at techUK on 4th March 202o. I have been invited to present our research findings and take part in the panel discussion afterwards.

  • Sales professionals feel that marketing colleagues are insufficiently focussed on revenue generation.
  • Marketers think that salespeople have little understanding of, or interest in brand building.
  • Poor communication around demand generation, lead handover, opportunity development and a host of many other areas often generates frustration on both sides.

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Neville Merritt

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