Marketing and Sales Courses

We will help you attract more customers and grow your business. On-line learning with virtual coaching support is the ideal way to get help without interrupting your existing busy schedule. You can pace these courses to suit yourself. Unlike other courses that leave you to work it out on your own, we include virtual coaching and access to group forums to support you as you use what you have learned to grow your business.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Marketing and Sales Courses

How to Sell

Anyone can learn how to sell successfully without stress or worry, and have customers coming back for more!

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How to Negotiate

How to negotiate anything whether you are selling, buying or simply persuading others, and achieve the results you want without stress

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Marketing Courses

Our marketing courses show you easy and effective ways to promote your business and attract more customers without spending a fortune.

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What we deliver

I believe that by understanding why things work in marketing and selling, you will be far better equipped to use what you have learned more effectively. We want our courses to help you achieve more, which is why we do more.

We provide a pragmatic, practical, professional delivery of on-line courses based on first-hand business experience gained over many years. Our courses go beyond simply telling you what to do. We provide the tools to help you understand what you have learned, consolidate your understanding and immediately apply the new knowledge.

What is included in all courses

Comprehensive, modular course content that you can take at a time and pace to suit your other commitments. Courses are in video format and show the course presenter, diagrams, illustrations and text – just as you would in a classroom-based course. Each individual module typically takes between 10 and 20 minutes and is delivered through the Ascent Learning course portal. Total time varies according to course topic.

Downloadable course materials including a module summary for reference, templates, notes and any relevant illustrations. These are yours to keep.

Exercises: many modules include “homework” so you can immediately try out what you have learned, and apply it to your own situation. We provide exercise sheets and supporting materials in the Downloads for each module.

Quick Quiz: after completing each lesson you will be directed to an on-line quiz so that you can test yourself on what you have learned. The quiz is a simple and effective way of making sure you understand the key learning points in each lesson before going on to the next lesson. If you want to go back over the lesson you can, there is no limit to the number of times you can view a video lesson.

Virtual support to answer questions, provide additional help and guide you as you try out what you have learned after taking the course.

Community forum to share learning experiences with others taking our courses.

On-line courses available and in development

  • “The NEW Marketing Blueprint” – how to market your business cost-effectively, attract more customers and increase revenue (available now)
  • “How to make marketing videos” – a short course on how to make professional marketing videos witth your smartphone and a few accessories (available now)
  • “How to read your customer’s mind” – a short course on how psychology and neuroscience can explain why people respond in the way they do, and how we can use that knowledge to attract and please more customers (available now)
  • “How to write proposals that win” – a short course on how to write and present quotes and proposals that make your customers say “Yes”! (2020)
  • “The NEW Sales Blueprint” – how to make more sales even if selling isn’t really your thing (2020)
  • “The NEW Negotiation Blueprint” – tactics to help you get what you want (2020)

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