Marketing Courses

Our marketing courses show you easy and effective ways to promote your business and attract more customers without spending a fortune.

Running a business is challenging. If you are thinking:

  • “I need more customers”
  • “I’m spending money on marketing but it isn’t working as well as I’d hoped”
  • “I can’t decide what marketing tactics to use – there are so many choices!”
  • “I’m worried about the competition – how can I stand out?”

Then our on-line courses, jam-packed with information, tips and templates are for you! We cut right through the hype and provide practical guidance to help you grow your business. We have three on-line courses:

How to read your customer’s mind (mini-course)

I spent years marketing and selling. I had to find out what worked and didn’t work the hard way. Then I learned more about psychology and neuroscience. What a revelation! If only I had known this before…Now I am sharing the essential parts of that learning to help you grow your business. This mini-course will show you how people’s minds work. With that information and the tips we include, you can market and sell more successfully.

How to read your customer’s mind


How to make marketing videos with your phone (mini-course)

Martine van Woudenberg, video sports journalist and Neville Merritt, marketing and communication expert have teamed up to create this on-line version of their popular workshop. They will show and guide you through the video techniques the professionals use, including how to be relaxed on camera!  This course provides practical tips so you can confidently make your own short marketing and sales videos.

How to make marketing videos


The New Marketing Blueprint (full course with support)

This course will show you how to attract and engage with new customers so they will want to buy from you. But this is not just an on-line course, you get access to me too, for virtual support while you take the course. I share marketing strategies I have applied successfully over more than 30 years’ in business. I’ll also share the tactics I have used, many of which you won’t find in marketing textbooks!

This course includes eight stages, each with video, exercises, templates and downloads which you work through at your own pace. You will also be part of the Ascent Studio community where you can ask questions and share tips or experiences with others taking part in the programme.

The NEW Marketing Blueprint



What our customers say…

Adam Barton, Director, Educational Play Environments

“Thank you for all your help the past few months. We have been working on our brochure and made a lot of changes to the way we present our proposals. Now fully up and running with CRM I’m confident this will help us going forward. We actually secured a project today which was lost to another company on price. After some follow ups and a discussion regarding the benefits of working with us they changed their mind. Previously we might have just let this one go and our process has certainly improved. Once again thanks for all your help.”