How to Negotiate (2020)

How to negotiate anything whether you are selling, buying or simply persuading others, and achieve the results you want without stress

At many points in your life, you will have to negotiate something important. So often, this is stressful because it is unfamilier or it feels like conflict. Our on-line negotiation course helps you negotiate without stress, achieving a win-win outcome to satisfy all parties.

Negotiation is often associated with selling, when you are trying to get the best price for your products and services. But negotiation skills are vital in many other areas – resolving conflict, persuading people to accept something they may not like, or reaching an agreement between parties who want different outcomes. This happens both in the commercial world and in our personal lives.

  • If you run your own business, you will have to negotiate with customers and suppliers
  • As a business leader, you may have to negotiate with colleagues, stakeholders and key business partners
  • You may be raising investment and have to negotiate the best deal
  • You may be selling your entire business and need to negotiate a good return
  • Many of us have to do some negotiating as part of customer-facing work

Negotiation is often stressful, even for the professionals. Win-lose negotiation can be stressful, but that is not really negotiating. It is more like a fight! Yet is doesn’t have to be like that. We will show you how negotiation can be completely natural, and part of the relationship you build with the other party. Negotiation with a win-win outcome means all parties want to achieve a common, mutually agreed objective.

Our course shows how to plan for a successful negotiation, tactics and counter-measures used and how to maintain positive relationships through the conclusion of the negotiation process. Better still, we also help you to apply what you have learned through our virtual coaching package which is supplied with the course.

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