How to Sell

Anyone can learn how to sell successfully without stress or worry, and have customers coming back for more!

“How to sell if you don’t like selling”

I was advised not to go into sales, I’m not your “typical salesperson”. In fact, when I applied for a tranfer into sales my director said “Neville, you are too nice to be a salesman.”. But I did go into sales, and within a year I was the top salesman, doing it may way. I believe anyone can sell, and sell in a way that makes them feel comfortable. This course shares my approach to selling, which I believe is the right way to sell today.

Our on-line sales courses helps you develop and improve selling skills, even if you are not a salesperson. At some point in your career, you are going to have to sell something.

  • If you run your own business, you will have to do some selling until the business grows large enough to justify full-time sales professionals.
  • As a business leader, you may have to sell to key customers.
  • You may be selling your business strategy in a pitch to investors.
  • You may be selling your entire business as an exit strategy.
  • Many of us have to do some “selling” as part of customer-facing work, either alongside salespeople or independently.

Selling is often stressful, even for the professionals! Yet is doesn’t have to be. We will show you how selling can be completely natural, and part of the relationship you build with the customer. The days of aggressive, foot-in-the-door salespeople belong in the past. Customers today decide how they want to buy, and they want to buy for people who can help. People like you.

Our course takes you through the customer’s buying cycle, and shows what you can easily do to influence them to buy from you. Doesn’t that sound easier than selling already?

Better still, we actually help you to apply what you have learned through our virtual coaching package which is provided with the course.

This course is now run as an in-person workshop


What our customers say…

Adam Barton, Director, Educational Play Environments

“Thank you for all your help the past few months. We have been working on our brochure and made a lot of changes to the way we present our proposals. Now fully up and running with CRM I’m confident this will help us going forward. We actually secured a project today which was lost to another company on price. After some follow ups and a discussion regarding the benefits of working with us they changed their mind. Previously we might have just let this one go and our process has certainly improved. Once again thanks for all your help.”