Here is a collection of our own videos and ones we particularly like from other contributors. There are also ebooks and assessments to download and enjoy.

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fear can stop a sale

How hidden fear can stop a sale

Our survival instincts are always in the back of our mind. Being alert to possible danger kept our ancestors alive, and that same brain function can interfere with the the sales process. This short video explains what people are afraid of, and what you can do about it.

Green Screen how-to

How to tame the Green Screen

How to use the Green Screen feature to create interesting backgrounds for your videos

How to market in a crisis part 1 video

How to market in a crisis Part 1

How to market your business in a crisis Part 1. Firstly, you need to understand how demand has changed, then you can align your marketing.

Marketing in a crisis video

How to Market in a Crisis Part 2

How to market in a crisis Part 2 – even though you may not be able to sell anything right now, there are things you must do to keep engaged with your market.

Two leaflets compared

A Tale of Two Leaflets

Two promotional leaflets are used to compare what works and why – based on neuroscience and brain activity. Useful to know when you are planning other content, web pages or even presentations.

video how to create action from marketing copy

How to trigger customer action from marketing copy

Here I take two mailshot examples and show why one works and the other doesn’t. It’s easy to create marketing copy that stimulates action – if you do it right. You can use the same approach for web pages, landing pages and emails.