Here is a collection of our own videos and ones we particularly like from other contributors. There are also ebooks and assessments to download and enjoy.

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use of images in marketing content

Why words are not enough

Neuroscience helps us understand why images are a vital part of communication. We can communicate our marketing and sales messages quickly and more effectively if we use the right images.

This 36-second video shows you how to easily find the cursor and edit text with the new version of Apple iOS 13.1.2 on an iPhone or iPad

The Mystery of the Missing Cursor!

This isn’t really a sales and marketing video, but it may be helpful anyway! In the new Apple iOS 13.1.2 on an iPhone or iPad, you might wonder where has the text cursor gone? This 36-second video shows you how to easily edit text with the new version of iOS. Register for more tips with the Ascent Club .

Video Tip #5 Video without video

How to improve and add visual interest to DIY video with additional footage, even if you don’t have any video footage (The Ken Burns Effect)

Marketing tips from Freddie’s Flowers

Four very effective marketing tactics used by Freddie’s Flowers that can be applied to any business, yet a surprising number of businesses don’t use them.

Why value has a higher price

How can one product sell at 54x the price of another, and perform the same function? In this video we look at what the customer is actually buying, which may not be what we are selling. We can set a price based on the value of the experience which is usually higher than the price of a product alone.

Video Tip #4 The B-Roll

How to make your video more interesting by adding “B-Roll” footage