Track Record

Please read our case studies of projects we have worked on: leadership coaching, working with teams and organisation-wide assignments. Due to the confidential nature of this work we are unable to publicise actual names, but all the challenges and impressive outcomes are absolutely genuine.

Case Studies

Developing a Winning Culture

The Challenge

A highly respected, well established organisation was facing intense competition from new entrants to the market and new technologies. After a restructure and redundancies, the executive team wanted to re-energise and align their organisation with a winning mind-set.

The Result

The business re-established its position as market leader in its sector in spite of tough competition and significant internal changes. It has since been able to grow significantly in its international markets using the winning culture mind-set.

A company at a cultural cross-roads

The Challenge

An established privately-owned services business was growing steadily but experiencing flagging morale, high staff turnover in key roles and conflict between sales and customer services. The board were finding it hard to identify and retain key talent for future management positions. The management style was predominately aligned to a traditional command and control approach.

The Result

A reinvigorated workforce who delivered the best set of business results on record. Morale increased, there was greater collaboration and they were able to attract and develop critical talent that could grow with the business at it expanded into mainland Europe.

Integrating the next generation of employees

The Challenge

The company was relocating and expanding rapidly. There was an urgent need to build a new customer services team, so recent graduates were recruited who were bright and motivated, but had little work experience. As “millennials”, they had a very different approach to learning compared to existing employees.

The Result

The on-boarding programme developed specifically for millennials gave the new team the attitude, knowledge and behaviours they needed to rapidly become productive in their new roles.

Team Europe: from happy band to elite squad

The Challenge

Results were adequate but the team was not capitalising on the available market opportunities. Morale was high across the team but it was not functioning as a disciplined, organised and focussed team. With a market upturn, the team had to seize the opportunity, before their competitors did.

The Result

Quarterly revenue and margins significantly increased; a more disciplined, organised and focussed team that was more respected internally and externally.

From good to great

The Challenge

This global company had been successful in its field and had a reputation for technical excellence. However the market now wanted solutions rather than technical components, which put future business at risk. The senior leadership team in Europe had to make a major cultural shift from product-led to solution focus to meet the challenging, longer-term strategic plan.

The Result

The new stretching targets were exceeded in the first year through a significant, top-down cultural change led by this executive team which became a model centre of excellence for the global organisation.

Re-aligning a senior leadership team for growth

The Challenge

Business results had plateaued. A new leader was brought in, with a very different leadership style. The highly experienced functional leaders were working in silos rather than as an executive team.

The Result

The business returned to growth with a highly collaborative, re-energised and empowered executive team.


Working with Neville and Ascent Learning is worth every penny of time you invest in the project. The Website Review he delivered for my website far exceeded my expectations, because it made me think of how I am serving my customers and the role the website plays in their journey. After our Review Q&A call, me and my team felt ready to implement the changes and work on the improvements further.

Steliana van de Rijt-Economu

Founder, Ithaca Coaching & Mothers as Leaders
Steliana van de Rijt-Economu

Coming from a 35 year career in property and financial services, I had employed many marketing initiatives and saw the benefits of these during my career. But, like many I suspect, I had not had the basic training and learnt the building blocks. And social media has influenced marketing to the point where sales and marketing should be much more closely aligned. Undertaking Ascent Learning’s online course entitled The New Marketing Blueprint has been a very accessible, enjoyable and hugely beneficial training course for me. It puts all the pieces of marketing together in a very digestible format. Allied to this you get to keep the slides, transcript and various downloads which are all invaluable.  I would strongly recommend this course to anyone and especially those who do not have the dedicated marketing resource and want to maximise their impact in this competitive world. It represents great value for money.

Martin Pattinson

director, FocusFive – SMART Business Advice

Neville’s blend of skills in sales and marketing, plus learning and development have been a valuable combination for our discussions. My primary gap in knowledge was marketing, and Neville’s vast experience and ability to listen and ask poignant questions has allowed me not only to understand the marketing process, but implement it into my on-line business as well as my face to face provision.

Nikie Forster

Curious Lighthouse

Neville is a particularly good match for my company because has personal and consulting experience in several industries – thus has a wide and liberal perspective on how different business styles can operate. He is patient and encouraging and has raised or elaborated on some issues that I might have struggled with.

Sonia Hutton-Taylor

Medical Forum (Burnout Geese)

What a difference to our sales tactics, marketing approach and above all confidence you have made to us in just such a short time too. Really appreciate your help.

Matt Wailes

Educational Play Environments

Having recently been tasked with increasing our ‘Digital Brand’, I looked to Neville for assistance. What I got in return was a content rich, easy to understand introduction to a world that I feel much more comfortable with now than I did a week ago. Thank you Neville, I’ll certainly be on one of your courses again!

Andy Wright

Cara Telemarketing