Case Study

Re-aligning a senior leadership team for growth

The Challenge

Business results had plateaued. A new leader was brought in, with a very different leadership style. The highly experienced functional leaders were working in silos rather than as an executive team.

The Result

The business returned to growth with a highly collaborative, re-energised and empowered executive team.

Our Approach

The previous leader had a very directive style. The senior executives on the team were very talented and experienced, but more used to working individually with their own teams rather than collaborating and working as a unified executive team.

  • We conducted a robust team diagnostic both at the outset and at the end of the programme to measure effectiveness of the team on a number of dimensions.
  • We carried out a leader assimilation exercise early on, to ensure the team understood the style and expectations of the new leader.
  • During our team sessions, we used real and current business issues to move the team’s behaviour from talking at each other, to listening, understanding other perspectives and agreeing a way forward on contentious points.
  • We helped the team become aware of their positive and negative behaviours, and were therefore able to hold each other accountable for “above and below the line” responses.
  • We gave the team some common language and frameworks to help them improve team commitment and accountability; feedback agility and engaged listening skills.


The stronger team were back on track with improved business results within six months. Employee engagement across the organisation improved at all levels as a result of the senior team’s unified and consistent communications to the rest of the organisation.

  • They found a new confidence to win more business and successfully take on new, bold initiatives in the marketplace
  • They used the combined talents from the team to drive further innovation in the business
  • The team improved their ability to communicate with each other which led to more constructive debate and timely decisions
  • Improved collaboration led to faster customer response and higher customer satisfaction scores