Case Study

Team Europe: from happy band to elite squad

The Challenge

Results were adequate but the team was not capitalising on the available market opportunities. Morale was high across the team but it was not functioning as a disciplined, organised and focussed team. With a market upturn, the team had to seize the opportunity, before their competitors did.

The Result

Quarterly revenue and margins significantly increased; a more disciplined, organised and focussed team that was more respected internally and externally.

Our Approach

This was a team with highly capable and hard-working individuals who were very supportive of each other. During the initial assessment we recognised the teams’ great relationships with its customers and colleagues, but lacked a robust strategic plan that the team could commit to. There was an over-dependence on the paternalistic leader and all decisions were being channelled through him, creating bottlenecks. Over a period of six months, we partnered with this team to:

  • Help them develop a more disciplined approach to their team meetings by using our framework for preparation, meeting management and follow-through on actions.
  • Introduce them to a more effective process for decision-making with the RAPID model.
  • Create a safe space which enabled them to give each other honest and constructive feedback.
  • Involve their HR business partner in the creation of robust individual development plans to enhance each individual’s performance.


Within one quarter, the team increased revenue and margins and sustained that improvement over the following year. This was a direct result of the team recognising the relevance of a more disciplined approach, with better organisation and more focus.

  • Sales were up and margins improved
  • Utilised existing strengths in the team to plan and manage activity  more effectively
  • Each individual in the team stepped up to improve their own performance, and ultimately the team performance.
  • They stepped out of their comfort zone of account management, and found new opportunities in existing and new business.
  • This created a momentum enabling the team to further increase sales and margins over subsequent quarters.
  • The respect and credibility of this team was enhanced, enabling them to secure more resources, budget and headcount to win more business.