How to sell what your customers really want

Do you sometimes find it difficult to describe your products and services in a way that is compelling for customers? It’s a common challenge, because it is tempting to simply describe what you are selling. In this video, I will demonstrate how to describe what you sell so you match what the customer wants.  This simple four-step process is taken from our on-line course The NEW Marketing Blueprint. I’ll also share the free templates with the video so you can develop your own propositions.

Don’t make the big mistake that so many people unwittingly make when marketing and selling, and miss a golden opportunity. This 14-minute instructional video will show you how to make sure you are selling what your customers want. 

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Adam Barton, Director, Educational Play Environments

Thank you for all your help the past few months. We have been working on our brochure and made a lot of changes to the way we present our proposals. Now fully up and running with CRM I’m confident this will help us going forward. We actually secured a project today which was lost to another company on price. After some follow ups and a discussion regarding the benefits of working with us they changed their mind. Previously we might have just let this one go and our process has certainly improved. Once again thanks for all your help.