Do this first before you do any more marketing

(Trailer video – 20 sec)

I’m sure you have heard people talk about the “Ideal Customer”, “Marketing Persona” or “Avatar”.  They are the same thing actually, but people often mistake their purpose. They help you market  the products and services your customers want.

My method of creating them will help you describe and promote your products and services in a way that is guaranteed to be more effective in attracting customers.

It is simple, free and easy to do but most businesses don’t do it – and they miss out. If you don’t get this first step right you could make some expensive marketing mistakes.

This six minute video will show you that essential first step to make sure you are selling what your customers want. There is also a free download of a template provided to help you get started.

Watch the full video (6 mins.)

Terry Bishop, CEO, Cardea

Thank you for your time last week once again.  It is really helpful to talk things through with you.  I learn so much!