We provide live learning opportunities through workshops run as public events, with our business partners or customised for your own organisation

What We Do

Meetings and Conferences

We can provide engaging, educational and impactful sessions for your team meetings and conferences.

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Customised In-house Workshops

We design and deliver educational programmes that are customised to meet the objectives of the organisation. Training delivery is only part of the programme. We make sure that training is effective and improvement is sustained with follow-on support, coaching and reviews.

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Open Workshops

We run public workshops where you can book individual or group places. We also run workshops in association with international professional organisations which are available to members.

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Workshops and Educational Sessions

If you are not willing to learn, no-one can help you.
If you are determined to learn, no-one can stop you.
– anon.

Business is evolving fast. There is always something new to learn, or new ways to apply what we have already learned. Whether it is for ourselves or our teams, learning is a key contributor to business success. However, time is short and demands on our people are high. You need to ensure your time is spent productively.

Our workshops and presentations can be customised to match your business requirements and timescales. We can adapt workshop content to create entertaining, engaging and informative meeting sessions, ideal as an agenda item or break-out for your team or company meetings and conferences. Alternatively we can deliver fully interactive workshops including up-front preparation and individual support afterwards. We want to ensure all our learning interventions make a difference for individuals and the organisation. Contact us to find out how we could meet your requirements.

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Examples of recent assignments

  • How to attract the best talent for your team (team and employer branding)
  • Business simulation workshop for on-boarding entry-level recruits
  • Create a compelling value proposition that makes customers want to buy
  • How to negotiate and get what you want
  • How to write proposals that win business
  • How to present your case: presentation techniques to SELL (sales, investment pitches, Dragon’s Den)
  • How to have difficult conversations – with customers (for professional services teams)
  • How to use your LinkedIn profile to help you sell (social selling for B2B sales teams)
  • How to coach (coaching skills for managers and HR business partners)
  • How to be more productive at work (time management, prioritising and email management)
  • Influencing without authority

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