Customised In-house Workshops

We design and deliver educational programmes that are customised to meet the objectives of the organisation. Training delivery is only part of the programme. We make sure that training is effective and improvement is sustained with follow-on support, coaching and reviews.

Progressive organisations foster purposeful learning at all levels. Neuroscientists have provided the evidence that our brains are far more malleable than previously thought. As educators and coaches, we encourage people to learn though a variety of channels, experiences and methods because people learn differently. New habits require small, concrete actions which are practiced regularly to make learning stick. A culture of support and encouragement where good behaviours are modelled and rewarded at every level leads to better results for people and the organisation.

No learning is effective unless it is applied and results in a better outcome. We test all of our interventions based on Kirkpatrick’s principles of assessing learning and its application:

Level 1 (Response): Have the learners found the intervention engaging and relevant to their job?

Level 2 (Learning): Have the learners acquired the intended knowledge, skills, attitude and confidence?

Level 3 (Behaviour): Have the learners applied what they have learned when they are back in their jobs?

Level 4 (Results): Have the desired outcomes occurred as a result of the training, support and accountability?

By understanding how and why people learn, we take account of different learning styles according to personality and generation. Our programmes are designed to be visually stimulating, highly interactive and practical and take account of the need for peer learning and individual reflection. We bring back the enjoyment of learning by making concepts understandable through focussed activities that require their full involvement.

We create the space for them to practice this learning immediately, rather than leaving it to chance. Our workshops include a full programme starting from agreed objectives, personal development planning and an accountability follow-up. Involving the sponsors and line managers in the full process ensures that learners are supported and results monitored on an ongoing basis.

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We adopt a blended learning approach which supports the 70-20-10 framework first introduced by the Centre for Creative Leadership. Effective learning is made up of 10% of learning time in structured on-line and in-person courses and programmes; 20% is through interaction with others such as coaching, mentoring, observation and feedback; and 70% is the practical application in the workplace and new opportunities to extend and practice new knowledge and skills.

What our customers say…

Matt Wailes, Director, Educational Play Environments

“Thanks for your time today another interesting journey into the business! It was a great workshop, it really flowed well and we got all the information we needed to focus on a business plan and give us our frame of reference going forward to grow the business. All in all a great day.”


Recent assignments include:

  • Working with a European team of a high-tech company to help them manage meetings effectively take collective decisions with visible and measurable results observed by their stakeholders
  • Working with a high-tech company to help them structure and document individual development plans (IDP) and provide timely feedback to their people, leading to a marked increase in team morale and performance
  •  Developing and delivering commercial workshops to help technical support teams understand the commercial context of their clients through business simulation and engaging practical exercises
  • Helping a cross-functional commercial team to understand and develop a compelling value proposition for their technical solution in a non-technical market sector
  • Rolling out a new sales methodology across multi-sector sales teams throughout the UK

Starting on the first day: Business simulation workshop

We believe that an organisation works most effectively when everyone has a common understanding of purpose, the functions of a business and commercial awareness. Our business simulation workshop “Grow your own business” is is a great way of providing a business overview in an interactive way, and ideal for induction programmes for new starters. It introduces people to the challenges of running a business, commercial awareness, the inter-dependence of all the business functions, key financial aspects of a business and the benefits of working together as a team. For more details visit our workshop page:

Workshop details